Pascal Bergamin

“A very impressive film”
Robert Jones, Producer
Hard Eight, The Usual Suspects

“A strong film, with powerful performances”

“Like in Drive or Down Terrace the shadowy threat of violence lingers in the background”

“An edge-of-seat- experience with a truly excellent revelation”

Nice Guy

Directed by Pascal Bergamin
Written by and Starring Cavan Clerkin

Cavan Clerkin (Pulling, Babylon), Doug Allen (Band of Brothers), Martin Askew (Snow in Paradise), Abigail Blackmore, Andrew Brooke (PhoneShop), Juliet Cowan (Skins, Shameless), Jon Foster (The IT Crowd), John McGuinness

An unemployed stay at home dad begins venturing out at night. Befriended by a group of petty criminals and strippers, he begins to feel alive. But when he is implicated in a murder, he finds himself indebted to a psychotic gangster and is drawn into a world of violence that threatens his life and his family's safety.

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Pascal Bergamin studied film at the Zurich University of Arts, Switzerland. Since 2005 he has been working as a freelance writer/director for fictional and documentary films. In 2012 he produced and directed his debut feature film, Nice Guy. Pascal works and lives in London.


One Summer, feature film, script

In development

Portraits of Dangerous Women, script
One Summer, script
Susan’s Brother, feature film, treatment -
EKRAN 2014
Jura, TV series, treatment

Short Films

Am Galgen
(At the Gallows)

Directed by Pascal Bergamin
Written by Stephan Teuwissen

Summer of 1633. A soldier guards a corpse at the gallows. The area is known for its witches, rumored to be stealing corpses and using body parts for their strange rituals. The soldier falls asleep and awakes to find the body has disappeared.

Staila Crudanta (Falling Star)

Written and directed by Pascal Bergamin.

Staila Crudanta (Falling Star) tells about two moments in Curdin’s and Leas life: Encounter and separation. Lea visits her grandparents who celebrate their sixtieth wedding anniversary in a small restaurant in the mountains. There she meets Curdin, a young men from the area. They fall in love. At her grandparents funeral few months later they realize that their love story is coming to an end as well.
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